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It’s been my great fortune to accompany some wonderful Buddhist monks on amazing walking journeys. Pilgrimages, if you want, on foot, around the Buddhist Holy places, I soon realised it was my duty to record these walks. Not only were they unique and amazing experiences but I was also privileged to be travelling with monks famous as wise teachers. I could share how they dealt with these sometimes very difficult journeys: their humanity, humour and humility.

I suspect someday these accounts will be valuable as historical documents. The monks I’ve travelled with have all been key individuals in transplanting the Buddha’s teachings to the West. People will want to look back and gain some sense of how these famous characters were as individuals.
I’m not much of a writer, but I do know how to tell a story so that it’s entertaining. With each journey I’ve also tried to chare the lessons we learnt that could be of use to the reader.

As this is Dhamma, I’ve never wanted to make money from these accounts. They were all printed for free distribution and made available through the monasteries of the Ajahn Cha Forest Tradition. Now they are gathered here for you to download for free.

I hope they are of use.
Nick Scott